about Setup®

History of Setup®:

Teeny tiny Setup® Brand! Keeping it on the low since 2004 believe it or not! Building trails around Blackrocks ‘Crommy’ since 97ish and producing clothing since way back early 2000's. Setup® has been based in around a few places over the past decade and a half, but now bases itself back in Matlock, Derbyshire.
The uber-local MTB Scene is thriving and its good to meet you all!! From the ‘dodgy trails’ around the Derwent Valley *cough*, Matlock (ish), Loamy BR and places that shall not be named – to the wild paths of the Peak District with the Hope Valley, Castleton and Ladybower. Derbyshire has an absolutely thriving MTB scene and we are proud to be part of it. We are doing what we love here at Setup® HQ and thats designing and producing casual and technical apparel for on and off the bike! Our aim is to offer fantastic value and great quality long lasting clothing. Organic, Fair Trade and Eco friendly apparel thats Fast Fashion but not Fast Fashion if you know what we mean.

Setup® is doing things a bit differently in which everything is produced to order and therefore take a bit longer to ship. We don’t have a shop and we don’t sell in many outlets. We are streetwear for bicycle riders and everything is limited edition, unless we make more of it, which we quite often do!

Please dont be shy, if your a loamy local or just want to say hi – drop us a line over at instagram or via email! We would love to hear from ya!

Finn @ Setup®

Founding years:

The Setup® Brand was started around the year 2000 by a couple of design students with a passion for bicycles and skateboarding who wanted to create a some tee’s for our crew to wear whilst messing around on bikes and boards.
We got our first T-Shirt design printed in the summer of 2000 and gave it to friends and riders based around our original local scene in Derbyshire, England.
We wanted to produce a clean graphic brand with quality casual garments for mountain bike riders to wear as much on the street as the trail. We felt other sports (skate and surf especially) have always had a great history of design orientated
clothing brands and we wanted to produce the same for the MTB generation.

In the past few years we have carved out our own style, never straying too far from our original brand focus of clean, bold, geometrical and typography based prints. Its now all about bicycles, specifically MTB, although bicycles in all formats now play a part.

We have expanded since our founding years, but are still owned and run by the same people, and still producing clean and fresh graphics on a quality apparel product.
Setup® now produces a larger than ever collection, made of new and classic designs hand printed onto our exclusive quality apparel by our own fair hands. Check out our online store for the full and ever expanding range.

If you see a rider wearing Setup® on the trails or the town say hi, they tend to be a friendly bunch!

Setup® is a registered trademark of Setup Industries 2004, trading in the United Kingdom as Steele Setup.